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Is it to clean up your diet? To devote 20 minutes a day to meditation? To work on a certain pose on a regular basis? Guru Purnima is a special full moon day in the Hindu month of Ashad in which yogis commit to deepening their practice in order to honor their spiritual preceptor and all spiritual preceptors dating back to the sage Vyasa, who edited the Vedas, Puranas, Srimad Bhagavatam, and Mahabharata.

The guru is considered to be a living example of yoga, a saintly person who shares the practices that can bring the dedicated disciple face-to-face with God.

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In Hyderabad you can rent motorcycles and scooters to get around city and outstation trips. By Tourist Bus[ edit ] The Telangana Tourism department runs a hop- on hop- off [ ] bus service that takes one around the city. On foot[ edit ] Hyderabad’s interesting districts are fairly spread out, but are enjoyable to explore by foot on their own.

The Old City is composed of a maze of disorienting alleyways that expand outward from the Charminar.

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Hinduism , the religion of nearly one billion people mostly of South Asian provenance or descent, is notoriously difficult to define or even to describe with accuracy and comprehensiveness. Like all complex and ancient religious traditions, it is problematic to speak about Hinduism as if it were one monolithic religion rather than merely a label for many different traditions.

The conglomeration of religious traditions sheltered under this umbrella incorporates a bewildering array of texts, beliefs, practices, and sects—so disparate a collection that some modern scholars have questioned the legitimacy of artificially unifying them. According to these scholars, one cannot really speak about a single Hinduism but at best only a variety of Hinduisms. Defining Hinduism The word Hinduism itself derives from one of the principal rivers of South Asia, the Indus, and was probably first used by the ancient Persians to designate the people and territory of the northwestern portion of the subcontinent.

As a name for a religion at first inclusive of what is now differentiated as Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism , it probably owes its origin to the Muslim invaders of the early part of the second millennium c. Diversity—historical, cultural, linguistic, doctrinal, and sectarian—is descriptive of all world religions also designated by a unitary label, including Christianity , Judaism , Buddhism, and Islam. Hinduism may be an extreme example, but it is hardly unique in this regard. And as is true in other religions, in Hinduism conceptual unity can be identified within this diversity.

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It will contain hundreds of photos dating back to the s, and personal stories of the lamas and the students who learned, lived and traveled with them. All over the world, people will read about this amazing innovative teacher, the organization he founded the FPMT and the thousands of students whose lives he changed. We are now looking at a publication date for Big Love. Hulse started writing this book in , having been personally requested to do so long before by Lama Yeshe himself.

She travelled the world interviewing all the hundreds of friends, acquaintances, colleagues and students of Lama Yeshe that she could find, and visiting many of the places Lama went to, including his home village in Tibet. We have been working on the book since They give an excellent sense of what the biography will be like. All of the images submitted by students of Lama for this project have been digitized and cataloged, and as these are organized we are posting a selection of them to our Online Image Gallery.

We are now raising funds to complete the last stage of publication of Big Love. There are three levels of sponsorship: Donate what you feel comfortable with—-it is just important that you are involved. Better thousands of people giving a small amount and making this auspicious connection than one person paying for the entire project.

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Some scholars propose that the book satirizes the effete Chinese government at the time. Journey to the West has a strong background in Chinese folk religion, Chinese mythology and value systems; the pantheon of Taoist deities and Buddhist bodhisattvas is still reflective of Chinese folk religious beliefs today. Part of the novel’s enduring popularity comes from the fact that it works on multiple levels:

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