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In simple terms, your radio would like to radiate all of its power, but can only do so if the other components cooperate. Bad coax and mounts, or inefficient antennas and ground plane can cause system bottlenecks. The easiest way to understand the concept is to think of it in terms of water flow. That is, if you put a one inch faucet on a two inch pipe, your potential output will be restricted by the one inch outlet. So goes antenna systems. Setting your antennas SWR will reduce the restriction of radiated power. If all radios only transmitted on one channel, it would be a much easier task to design antennas.

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I have documented some of the earlier ones I built in my pedestrian mobile pages. This all came about because of another project: I’m building a Rock-Mite CW transceiver and needed a meter antenna. The antenna is feet tall and uses stranded ga insulated wire in three sections. You can see a picture of the antenna in use on my boat. It is held vertical by an MFJ fiberglass pole.

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Notice that when the magnitude of Xp i. Therefore we may also write: This equation may be rewritten: Compare this with the general equation of a circleof radius r with its centre at Ro,Xo: The centre of the circle lies on the R axis. The circle equation is therefore reduced to: The circle just grazes zero. Thus we conclude that the effect of adding reactance in parallel with an impedance is to move the point Z’ around a circular path.

The direction of rotation in the Z-plane is clockwise when a capacitor is connected across Z and anticlockwise when an inductor is connected across Z. The effect of a parallel reactance is least when the reactance is at its highest value, and increases at the reactance is reduced. Consequently, if a variable capacitor is used, increasing its capacitance reducing Xc moves the resultant Z in a clockwise direction; and if a variable inductor is used, reducing its inductance reducing XL moves the point Z in an anticlockwise direction.

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The DXE-VMN-1 Vertical Antenna Matching Network will aid in tuning the customer selected portion of the 80 meter band to the minimum SWR. While the example shown in this manual is the Hustler® 5 or 6-BTV, the Vertical Matching.

Finally, I could afford one, and find one, thanks to the internet. All antennas are matched to less than 1: I previously did not use a tuner, I just matched my antennas very close, as a technician ticket did not allow much band width or use of an amp , seemed to work very well for the time. I then purchased a Heathkit SA A price matched the quality , I thought it had a nice case and metering. I especially did not like the inductor as it was so long, wobbled up and down and did not repeat settings, the knob to inductor was poorly designed, I sold it a month later.

Maybe if I spent more time reworking the parts that were supplied I might have got it to work better. But didn’t think it was worth the effort. I recently purchased an amplifier w and decided that a good quality tuner was in need. It would match any of my antennas very good 1: The Vectronics tuned my 80m dipole to 1: I miss the dummy load bypass of other tuners, but an external switch is OK.

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The whole idea of operating on m started as curiosity. Before I had never operated on m. I had listened some, but never keyed the transmitter other than to experiment with arcing capacitors and high levels of SWR. But it generally seemed like it would be fun, so give it a try to find out, right? Tall trees out-the-wazooo in the yard, but spaced closely, so it is difficult for long pulls. So there is an emphasis on easy, because it is an important consideration.

Innovative Wideband Techniques in Antennas The meter DXer’s Delight. An optimized antenna system with a 3/4 λ Transmission Line Resonator TLR (RG) Meter MHz DX Special. Series Transmission-Line Resonator Matching Network using only Inductors and.

Table of Contents Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Electronics World , published May – December All copyrights hereby acknowledged. You would be forgiven in this era of ubiquitous cellphone usage for thinking maybe Citizen Band CB radios are only used these days by techno-throwbacks like myself, but the fact is many truckers still use them for convenience as well as to avoid having all their communications intercepted, monitored, and recorded by government agencies.

It can be a deceiving sense of privacy though, because police officers often monitor CB radio transmissions while in patrol cars, and even solicit the assistance of other CBers in identifying and apprehending suspected transgressors – an advantage of public, unencrypted conversation afforded law enforcement which is not available with cellphones. Also, CB transmission, even though usually regarded as ‘hearsay’ in legal venues, has many times been admitted as evidence in cases where ” present sense impression ,” ” excited utterance ,” or some other special clause has allowed for it.

A lot of cars you see with vertical whip antennas attached to a bumper or roof that you might assume have Ham radio operators aboard are actually for CB radios. Unlike Ham radio, CB radio is still unlicensed and unlike Ham radio, CB radio rules permit business transmissions as well as private. So, if you like radio and don’t have a Ham license or want to be able to communicate with a non-licensed operator at a home base station, you might want to give CB radio a try.

Smith, 19W Don’t waste power by mismatching your CB transceiver. Here are practical suggestions for improving performance. Unless your mobile and base station transceivers and antenna systems are all working at peak efficiency, the communication range will be seriously restricted. A knowledge of transmission-line theory and antenna-matching procedures can be very helpful to the CB operator who seeks top-notch results.

The most convenient location for a transceiver is seldom a good place for an antenna.


If you hear the 6 meter beacon, please report it by clicking here. Click here if you hear the 2 meter beacon – AND here if you hear either beacon via meteor-scatter. Are you interested in using a Cycloid Dipole for your own purposes? If so, please read this. Clint, KA7OEI, holding the prototype 2 meter cycloid dipole – an omnidirectional left-hand circularly-polarized antenna.

and Meter Matching Network for your foot Vertical – UPDATED Phil Salas – AD5X The popular foot vertical is self supporting, not too obtrusive, and has higher radiation.

The ATR was a single-ended tuner with an output balun. The ATR used a tapped inductor instead of a coupling link. The basic simplified ATR10 antenna tuner matching circuit is shown below: Tap A is from a standard rotary switch contact. This tap always leads tap B toward the hot end of the tank. The amount of lead controls tank Q. Tank Q determines matching range and power rating, just as changing turns controls Q and range in any link coupled tuner.

Tap B is the band selector tap.

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Overview[ edit ] Antenna tuners are particularly important for use with transmitters. Use in transmitters[ edit ] Antenna tuners are used almost universally with transmitters. Without an ATU, in addition to reducing the power radiated by the antenna, the reflected current can overheat transformer cores and cause signal distortion. In high power transmitters it may overheat the transmitter, or cause self-protection circuits in the transmitter to automatically reduce power to safe levels that reduce even further the power of the signal leaving the antenna.

Because of this, ATUs are a standard part of almost all radio transmitting systems.

I have some vintage vacuum tube testers for sale, and are listed here on this page. Anyone who has a sizeable investment in vacuum tubes or vacuum tube hi-fi equipment owes it to themselves to have a good tube tester on hand to periodically check the tubes they are using.

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